PROJECT CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT – Construction management are needed to ensure the construction project completed at the minimum cost and at due date. Construction management role is to ensure the coordinating and communication between all parts of the construction project, which usually consists of issues of cost, time, quality, human resources, procurement, environment, Health and safety, risk, claims and other aspect that affect the success of construction projects.

Imprecision in this arrangements may cause the project to be delayed which could cause the company systematically exposed to penalties and more severe course is blacklisted companies that make them can not be in more tender. Due to construction management consists of planning, coordination and evaluation so a manager must to know generally  the developments in the work field within a global framework which is why it is required to develop their mindset to more integrative and solutive. This training aims to prepare a workforce to understand exactly how to manage the construction so all demands can be accomplished with maximum results.



After this training, participants are expected to:

  1. Knowing and understanding the issues related to the construction of effective governance and efficient. 
  2. Have the ability to solve problems related to construction management
  3. Applying the construction management company



Day 1

  1. The scope of construction management
  2. Construction management phases (pre, while and post)
  3. Implementation of Safety Management System and Occupational Health
  4. Environmental management system
  5. Financial management system
  6. The scope of the management system
  7. Time management system
  8. Cost management system

Day 2

  1. Quality management system
  2. Human Resource Management System
  3. Communication management system
  4. Procurement management system
  5. System integration process
  6. Risk management system
  7. Claims management system
  8. Case study of effective construction management
  9. Best practice construction management implementation


METHOD Construction

Presentation, Discussion, Brainstorming, Case Study, Evaluation


Instruktur Construction

Tim Instruktur



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