WP&B, AFE and PODProduction Sharing Contracts needs approvals for Work Program &Budget, Authorization for Expenditure and Plan of Development from BP Migas. The approvals are based on the economic and optimal management of the programs. Therefore, the understanding of petroleum business, economic evaluation and management optimization. To understand Petroleum Economic Evaluation needs knowledge of petroleum proven reserve and production, price, costs, government takes, contractor profit, minimum return and Production Sharing Contract.

Financial Analyst
Project Engineering and Economic Team
Development Planning Team
Geophysicist and Geologist
Reservoir Engineers, Production Engineers and Drilling Engineers
Anybody who wish to learn the course subjects

Outline WP&B, AFE and POD
1. Dynamics of Petroleum Business
2. Methods to Measure Profit Indicators
3. Government Take from Tax and non Tax
4. Production Sharing Contract
5. Work Program and Budget
6. Authorization for Expenditure
7. Plan of Development

Presentasi, Diskusi,Case Study, Evaluasi

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