WASTE MATERIAL HANDLING IN OIL AND GAS INDUSTRYThe handling temporary storage and transfortation of hazardous waste follows the same principles and requirement as those. Which relate to dangerous goods in general. These principle also underline the regulation relating to the transportation dangerous goods by rail, as well as of forthcoming standards on handling and storage it is expected that these standard will be made law by both the departement of manpower and the departement of transfortation in the future. Waste Material Handling Training for operators, supervisors and executive jobs in the oil and gas industry that must dominate engineering and material removal system well.

After this training technique to determine the material handling well so that the operator can observe another level of safety and understanding methods of working with the right to apply at their respective work environment

1. Objectives of practical Waste material in oil and gas industry
a. Introduction to the aspects of waste
b. Identification, classification and labeling
c. Characteristic of Hazardous Chemicals & Wastes
2. Introduction on Hazard Analysis in oil and gas industry
a. Hazards and Risk of Wastes / Chemicals
b. Management for industrial hazardous waste
3. Hukum penanganan limbah berbahaya
4. Safety in transport and storage in oil and gas industry
a. Chemical safety data sheet
5. Handling and transportation of hazardous waste in oil and gas industry
a. Remedial action for hazardous waste
b. Preventive methods and control of Waste chemical hazards
c. Waste Minimization & Recovery/ Recycling
d. Engineering Consideration on Treatment and Disposal
e. Treatment Processes & Disposal Methods
6. Emergency Response Preparedness
7. Studi kasus

Staff & Supervisor – Material, Procurenment, Warehouse, Environmental

Presentasi, Diskusi,Case Study, Evaluasi

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