FINANCIAL PLANNER – Financial Planning is a field which crosses many different learning areas and integrates knowledge from these learning areas. The curriculum has been designed according to the international curriculum standards as set out by the international body whichnamely, the American Academy Financial Management and the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM).

A financial planner or personal financial planner is a professional who prepares financial plans for people. These financial plans often cover cash flow management, retirement planning, investment planning, financial risk management, insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning and business succession planning (for business owners). Financial planning should cover all areas of the client’s financial needs and should result in the achievement of each of the client’s goals as required, and this demands for a professional and reliable consultant in the field.

The AAFM® certification process, administered by GAFM Board, identifies to the public that those individuals who have been authorized to use the AAFM® certification marks in the globe have met rigorous professional standards and have agreed to adhere to the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence when dealing with clients. 

The course is enriched with actual financial planning case studies which are aimed  toward the enhancement of participants knowledge and the financial planning insights, and capability to cope with professional certification.



  1. Gain a firm grasp of financial planning concepts.
  2. Obtain an introduction to the financial planning profession and the practice of personal financial planning by professional planners.
  3. Understand time value of money concepts and the calculations to support them.
  4. Learn about financial planning and risk management and a working knowledge of risk management/insurance technique
  5. Apply financial planning knowledge in an integrated approach to real-life financial planning situations;
  6. Advise individuals, families, and small businesses on a variety of complex financial issues;
  7. Develop and maintain tailored and comprehensive financial plans;
  8. Become informed, competent, and ethical financial planners and leaders in the financial planning industry.
  9. Prepared to take the certification and examination from AAFM and GAFM


Professionals who have worked as a financial advisor or planner
Students who want to the option to take classes from anywhere “on the go”
People comfortable with technology and those that are highly self-motivated


 1: Introduction to Financial Planning

2: Risk Analysis and Insurance Planning

3: Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits

4: : Investment Planning

5: Tax and Estate Planning

6: Advanced Financial Planning

Case Studies 


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